About the Author: Rudy Fritsch [Canada]

Rudy Fritsch was born in Hungary in 1947, the son of a patriotic Hungarian, Mr. Rezso Fritsch.

Mr. Fritsch Sr. had lived through WWII and the consequent Hungarian hyperinflation, but in spite of the opportunity to emigrate after the war, he stayed in Hungary on the hope that the newly liberated country would provide opportunity and freedom. Soviet Communist oppression destroyed all such hopes, and when another chance to leave the country arose in 1956 during the Hungarian revolution, he gathered up his family and left.

The Fritsch family built a new life in Canada, and Rudy, after doing engineering studies, joined the family business building metal forming machinery. The manufacturing company was very successful and Rudy eventually became president, then sole owner. At its peak, the company employed over 100 people. To this day the Allsteel line of metal forming machinery is well known in the industry.

The only difference is that today the Allsteel machines are no longer built in Canada, as they were for forty years, but in China! The fact is, off shore competition coupled with 'new paradigm' thinking along the lines of the so called 'post industrial society' has made manufacturing in North America extremely difficult, if not impossible. Rudy was forced to put the manufacturing company into bankruptcy before all the family wealth was destroyed.

Murray Newton Rothbard In his efforts to understand why the previously profitable company became a loss maker, he started to study economics. These studies made him realize that mainstream economics, the so called 'dismal science', was full of nonsense and illogic. Much research led him to Austrian economics, and this school of economic science finally started to make some sense to him. He undertook a comprehensive study of the field, including the major works of Von Mises and Murray Newton Rothbard, two acknowledged gurus of Austrian economics.

Antal Fekete One day, surfing the Internet, he happened upon the writings of a Professor Fekete... and Fekete actually dared to criticize the work of Mises! Suspicious of this kind of talk about his hero Mises, and understanding that Fekete was a Hungarian, he thought; "who is this crazy Hungarian who dares to criticize Mises and the Austrians?" He decided to debunk Fekete; and in order to do this he began by studying all of Fekete's works.

Interestingly, instead of debunking Fekete, Rudy came to realize that Fekete's work has taken Austrian economics theories to new, breakthrough levels. Consequently Rudy started to work with Professor Fekete, using his engineering mindset to complement Professor Fekete's scientific approach.

Professor Fekete is a monetary scientist as well as a very erudite and prolific writer. According to Rudy, making Fekete's scientific work accessible to 'the rest of humanity' and applying his breakthrough theories to real world problem solving needs the mindset of an engineer. Rudy Fritsch is committed to 'preserving and disseminating' the vital knowledge that Professor Antal Fekete brings to humanity.

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