June 29, 2010

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Review by: Darcy Neal Donnelly

I am only a simple truck driver trying to understand money. Money drives almost every human activity in my world. I work not for money but for what money buys me such as food, beer, travel and sharing with others for a “good time”. I drive for money benefits.

Mr. Rudy Fritsch has decided to share his acquired knowledge of money and simple economics based on his acquired knowledge from various economic schools and especially from the writings of Professor Antal Fekete. It all starts with us humans.

Knowledge is acquired, accumulated and distributed by people for people. My best knowledge Guru’s understood five minutes before explaining it to me. We learn best from our peers. Professor Antal Fekete is a peer to Mr. Fritsch who is a peer to me. Knowledge is shared peer to peer.

Mr Fritsch is an engineer who wanted to understand an economic question for himself “Why am I loosing money?”. He like myself engaged in a self learning mission resulting in him producing his own research work, a book on economic money. This book is built on his understanding of the knowledge accumulated and presented by Professor Fekete. I recommend this book to anybody who wants to read it. Its simple, short and explains economic stuff in plain language. It’s easy to understand.

This book is titled “BEYOND MISES” as all great knowledge is built on those who recorded their knowledge before. Ludwig Von Mises is the author of a huge book on economics “Human Action”. Mises excellent work of knowledge is based on the knowledge descended from the father of Austrian economics Mr. Carl Menger.. Professor Fekete adsorbed the knowledge of both Mises and Menger among other great minds such as Adam Smith. He even studied the works of competitive economic theory presenters such as Keynes.

Economics is the study on how people deal with the challenge of sharing resources. The Austrian school of Economics was created by Mr. Carl Menger who coined the phrase “Money is the most marketable good”. We humans must voluntarily decide “WHAT” we decide to accept as our preferred money. We humans use our personal interpretations from our senses in negotiating collaborative terms among ourselves. Ludwig Von Mises wrote the book on “Human Action”. Today, Mises is known as the Austrian Economist.

BEYOND MISES is not required reading. It is only voluntarily reading. In fact, It might be “banned” reading and subject to book burning political campaigns in the near future. Reading this book could potentially do you some political harm. It goes against the political coercion of money. Read at your own risk!

If you are willing to risk it, BEYOND MISES is a great introductory overview of economic money. His blending of engineering analogies preceding economic concepts lead to greater previews and better grasping upon presentations of specific topics and ideas. The best engineers are able to transfer “technological” information to non engineers.

One minor criticism is the lack of an appendix that identified economic terms such as “present good, future good and marketable in the large” and an explanations of such terms in simple plain language. I had to go back and re-read the section where these terms were first introduced in order to get a better understanding when the term was being applied in another explanation.

I’m not an engineer nor an economist and I don’t want to be either.
I am a truck driver cause it gives me a feeling of living Free in an unfree world. Money is nor free. It has been imprisoned by governments and central banks. We as a people need to engage in human action in order to free gold and silver money from its prison vaults. The first step is to acquire a silver or gold coin in your hand.

Physically holding “freed” money in your hand will help you understand the basic economic concept of “Money is that which extinguishes ALL debts”. Our global financial crisis exist due to our human actions. We have forgotten how to keep our promises to ourselves and to others. We forgot how to extinguishes our temporary debts as we progressed into our future. All we have is permanent DEBTS to give to our children and grand-children. In order to break the bondage of debt slaves, we need to regain the peoples power to control the free flow of gold money.

When we the people control the flow of silver / gold money; We control peace, liberty and prosperity. When governments steal our power, we live in misery, slavery and wars. We are humans, our actions speak loader than our words. After reading this book, if you so choose to do so, you might engage in reading the works of the Gold Standard Institute. I know that I did, but that was my choice.

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